There will be a project happening concurrently within NaCreSoMo this year (in that one of my projects will be to create a web interface for this project), to facilitate communication, get feedback and to just get to know the other participants as this will be evolving, request to join the facebook group here to participate this year!

So what is NaCreSoMo?

National Create Something Month! Otherwise known as the month of March.

The origin of this event went something along the lines of this:
Self: “Self, I wish you were better at finishing works that you start. You haven’t done anything with those lyrics you started. STOP trying to make new things instead of following through!”
Other Self: “If only there was some way to hold myself more accountable.”
Self: “Well, that March poetry writing month with Jediknil a while back worked pretty well.”
Other Self: “And I did want to do another March writing month, but it is kind of late to tell people about it.”
Self: “Oh well, why not. Need a name for this project.”
Other Self: “NaNoWri.. no. NaWri… Mo? But it doesn’t have to be limited to writing…”
Self: “National Make Some…, NaMaSoMo, that sounds weird.
Other Self: “Make, create, create something.”
Self: “NaCreSoMo. Hmm”
Other Self: “Hmm, ok.”

And that is the story of how this almost became NaMaSoMo.

Sadly, NaCreSoMo has ended for this year, but never fear! It shall be coming back!

Thanks again for everyone who participated this year!

The Rules (because sadly, every challenge must have rules)
Here they are from my original post, reformatted and restructured.

1. Post something every day. Use any kind of posting site/engine you like!

2. Comment, give feedback to minimum one (preferably different) participant per day. Kudos if you do it for everyone. Once per week, have commented or given feedback to all participants in the event.
ie. If say there are 8 participants and you a different one per day you will have automatically satisfied the second part of this rule.

3. Your post per day does not have to be completed work, but must be something pertaining to the furthering of your craft.
ie. Your project is to perform at an open mic night, an intermediate post could be the story of your journey to go to an open mic night in preparation. Keep in mind that this is an opportunity for you to get critique and feedback.

4. Your creative project can be anything!

5. You can join at any time! Goal is once you start, you will make it to the end of the month. Let the creations begin!

But really, I am as usual blown away by how amazing my friends and extended friends are. Thus far below are the participants of the first ever NaCreSoMo!!

Name Post Origin Place of Posting
Lily Berkeley
Candace New York
Rebecca Boston
Jordy San Francisco
Sam Berkeley
Robert Berkeley
Max Santa Barbara
Ferrard Texas
Patricia Bay Area
Chris Berkeley
Shana Bay Area
Jeffrey Berkeley
Josephine San Jose/ Stockton
Troy Ontario, CA
Abigail Bay Area
Daniella Athens, OH

20 thoughts on “NaCreSoMo

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    1. Hi Ferrard! I’m not sure how to contact you except via here, but could you enable the comments on your blog? Part of the project is to comment and receive feedback from one another.


  2. Hello! Chris Pavia Just invite me now. We knew each other from Berlin. Im an artist and i will post my things in my wall in Facebook.
    Ask me for friendship and you will be able to comment etc. But i think is also possible without to ask for friendship because my wall is pretty publicum. Im going to take a look to your things now guys!
    And congrats this is a great inniciative.


    1. Hi Beatriz! I’m not sure if there is some anti-other-country filters on facebook, but I tried and couldn’t friend you. I am only allowed to follow. That said, I do not think facebook is a good platform for this effort, I think most of us are posting in blogs and then linking/posting them on our own facebook. If you really want to stick with facebook, could it be possible for you to make a page or a post somewhere that contains all the links to this project specifically? Something like what Rebecca has done? Just so people do not have to go looking for the posts they should be looking at. Thanks!

      And I would have facebook messaged you instead but facebook informed that it would go to your Other inbox, which I only found out recently existed.


      1. I didn’t, can you tell both of them to email or message me directly on facebook? With name, location, and I guess I already have the site. Or some sort of alternative to list them as.


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