Past Projects

Until I decide to spend the time (and money) to set up my own domain, etc, this will serve for now as my “portfolio” also as a way to remind myself of what I am working on. Thus here are current and a few of my favorite past projects!

Type Name Description
Engineering MUSE – Mind Control Robots Hacking cheap toy robots to respond to signals from an EEG headset for presentation to kids to encourage interest in sciences and engineering.Status: In Progress

CalSol – UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Project 2009-2011, I worked on both the Electrical and Mechanical teams on the inception, design, build, and racing of Impulse at the World Solar Challenge fall of 2011 in Australia. One of the most arduous and rewarding experiences I have ever had.Status: Done

Hackathon U-brella One-day hackathon winning presentation on gamified college/future pathfinding and mentorship.Status: Demo only, potential future project

Archive Entry

Music Drawn to Scale, UC Berkeley Co-ed A Cappella Founding member, former music director, arranger of songs, resident soprano, and occasional beatboxer.Status: Not quite an alumni yet because I love them too
Lily Forests Soundcloud channel of original song writing works in
General Creative NaCreSoMo
(National Create Something Month)
Created March 1st, 2013, the challenge of a month of creating something every day. Inspired by NaNoWriMo and previous month-long challenges, this event will take place again March 1st of next year and a new interface for interactions has been promised to be in place by next year.Status: In Progress

(Guess I will have to get that domain sometime)

Filmtography Tribute Submission for Campus Movie Fest at UC Berkeley. A less than five minute short film on the aftermath of personal loss, from the perspective of one who has lost and is trying to recover. A tribute to my grandfather who passed away the year before this was made.Clips were shown in the Selected Highlights at the CMF UCB presentation.Written, filmed, edited, scored.

Status: Done


Lot on Haste Documentary style project on the history, politics, and future of the empty lot on the corner of Haste and Telegraph in Berkeley from the words of the locals who inhabit and traverse the area.Filmed, edited.

Status: Done


Photography Unnamed Occasional updates are made at Needs more attention

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