Day 31: NaCreSoMo, the first ending

I had planned some back posts, to make up for the week+ I was sick, but then life got in the way. But that as we all know from this adventure is an excuse and one that may never end. So on this last day of NaCreSoMo, I would like to leave off with a few or not so few words.

First thank you all so much for participating. All of you who heard my crazy idea on the first day of this month and throwing caution to the wind, jumped on board with me on yet another one of my mad capers. All of you who were pulled along by a friend, by someone and thought why not and opened your works to the scrutiny of those you may know and others you did not. Thank you all for sharing and inspiring and just simply being amazing. I confess that I have not been as good of a facilitator as I had originally planned, but all of you exceeded my expectations and gave this project life. And for that thank you so much.

I started this project because I was feeling demoralized, frustrated. Questioning why even create, when I could not get better, when I could not get feedback, when no one seemed to care. So on a whim, on a dare to myself, I made this up. Made up rules, dared some friends to join me and here we are. 31 days later.

This first attempt may not have been the most successful. Not for many of us, and not for me personally. It is a little funny to admit that I failed my own challenge. However to that, I aim to do better next year. For there will be a next year. I hope that all of you participants of NaCreSoMo year 1 will help me over the course of the next 11 months on yet another adventure. I did originally base this idea off of NaNoWriMo, however I believe that a better creative interface can be created and in the next 10 months or so I would like to build it. I hope that all of you can provide me with any feedback on your experience this first time around and what you would like to exist for the next time. For I hope that you will all return.

From the posts that I have seen this past month, though I still have so many to catch up on, you are an amazingly talented group of people and I sincerely hope that we all continue to inspire, create, and help one another grow. Because I do believe many if not all of you will be famous one day. And if not, my life will have been made richer for knowing all of you and to have experienced each of your journeys in creating things.


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