Day 26: Explanations

As a few of you may have noticed, I have not posted in over a week or commented or really followed any of my own rules to this project. Yet I have to say that despite my absence I am so proud of what this project has become. Thus I want to explain why I have been missing. I got strep throat for the first time in my life and I have been at home sick for the past week.

I wish I could say I used that time well and created, yet there is a curious thing about illness and the slippery spiral of I’ll-do-it-another-day. So here I am back again. And however guilty and tired I may feel, gosh darn it I am going to post today.

The Sunday before last, I went to a Hackathon at Berkeley (last Sunday I was still sleeping off illness), the UC Ready Challenge, hosted by UCOP. It was both not as rigorous and more competitive than I thought it would be, in that not that many teams and despite being more pitch than working demo-based; in the 6? hours we had the outcomes were much further along than I had thought they would be. I am delighted to say that my team, formed in those 6 hours was one of the winners.

Team: U-brella
Goal: Connect students to those interested in mentoring them towards a future in college (or not).

Part 1: Pathfinder
Either Or (Hot or Not) game to find out what the student finds to be more important. Categories of choices include academics, lifestyles, interests, etc. Results of the quiz/game will be a profile of likely academic direction, possible programs, scholarship, activities, suggested mentorship connection, leading to…

Part 2: Mentorship
Post-profile generation students can register/sign in and retake the pathfinder to discover other options, get matched up with a mentor, who via virtual means, guide them through meeting deadlines, events, apps, etc, for what their student chooses. The primary intention being via pathfinder results to form pairings that will be lasting relationships and give students an anchor to someone who has the experience or resources to find the information they need.

Project Goal: Create lasting motivational relationships via mentorship and via gamefication encourage critical thought towards student’s goals, interests, and potential.

Some screenshots of the demo from my computer




Yeah, so maybe it’s not a whole lot, but a bigger component of this particular Hackathon was coming up with a cohesive plan. That and this is the first web-based type thing I have programmed in several years so I was re-familiarizing myself with web stuff and trying to fix the settings on my computer while making this… anyway in short, I really should get familiar with the new tools available for web development.


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