Day 12 & 13: Purpled Skies

A revolution beginning, in me, speaking up, sneaking out. That words, thoughts, not necessarily fitted between. In lines marching, dire drums beating. To the edge of a cliff, falling off. I see the sky.

Purpled overhead, blooming clouds. Wind, while falling, booming in my ears. The drums, though fallen, still beating. Thump. thump. Thump Thump. thump.

The hits come hard and heavy. Explaining, why I love the sound of rain. Heavy on the thinning apartment roof. Heavy on my skin. On my mind.


I need to be not afraid
Cloistered here, in arrays of self
Deceit, deafening, my self, pretending
Confidence, strength. Certainly,
Certain I am not, not afraid, that I
Bending on wires, maintaining
Facade-like wax candles dripping on,
Wrapped canvas hanging on, me
Myself, I, what, is existing really so wonderful?
In self definitions, declarations. Declared:
I need to not be afraid
Of mishaps, mis-adventures, mistakes, of
Feeling, caring, emotion. Of love, the
Belief that such could exist. Of trust, and
Fingers lingering warm, wet paths on icy
Reflections of captured clouds. The world
Wrapped up in conflating, congratulating,
Confusing, conflating judgements of worth
While guessing at our selves, ’til
The many layers, overgrown, now peeled
Away. Nothing but the seed, perhaps dead now
Inside. I need not to be afraid.

Per usual, I am curious as to people’s interpretations. Back-posting a little, but these were written yesterday and today. I was going to flesh both out more, but then they seemed to join together somehow?

Not sure why, but always in the path of creating. After I get past the initial “yay, I’m making stuff again, why do I not do this more constantly, this is fun” stage, there is the “nothing is good, why do I even bother, so tired” stage. And then usually there is the “too tired, just going to take a break, see you in a few” stage which lasts until the next “so bored, need to make things” event. Guess which part of the cycle I’m at now. Anyway, I am going to make it through my own challenge. I am.


4 thoughts on “Day 12 & 13: Purpled Skies

  1. I like these two together…although if that were the original intent I imagine there’d be a callback at the end to the beginning. I’m also enjoying reading the second one as a rap, although it doesn’t provide quite a solid enough base for the jumping of thoughts and rhythms. (No rhymes, either, which are traditional in rap.)

    Might come back and comment on content later.

    “You are in a twisty maze of little passages, all different.”


  2. Yeah, I like the second one as a poem too. To me the content is suggesting a title along the lines of “The Inner Monologue of Sentience”, cause that’s kind of what it is, isn’t it?


  3. I also like these two together a lot actually. The way this builds is nice for me because I enjoyed the differences in pacing. There is probably a better analogy but because I am tired I will say that the way it flows for me is like listening to dubstep. There is the slow and smooth buildup. Thump. thump. Thump Thump. thump. Then the beat drops and its so satisfying. You are making me miss slam poetry.


  4. What I find most interesting about the poem is your use of punctuation throughout. In poetry line breaks are often the most generally used form of punctuation–it’s a forced pause/breath, so it’s interesting that you are using commas, periods, etc. in the middle of lines to break up what could be considered the natural rhythm and forcing the reader to read differently. This usage intensifies the feeling I get of each line running into the next until you’re lost and not immediately certain of which clause relates to which…


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