Day 11: Sudden Deep

At this point I can no longer whose (or the many who’s) post made me want to share/re-record this song (actually figured it out, it was Shana’s).

I am not sure why, but this is a song like many others that I recorded a temporary “this is how this should go” track and never really went back and re-recorded (until now). Difference is I listen to this song a lot. Every time I am feeling down and it makes me feel better for some reason. I really do not know why because I don’t see it as a particularly uplifting song. I’m not even sure it was ever completed, but I have listened to it so many times since that I can’t quite imagine it being different now.

Cannot decide if the background chair creaking helps the song or detracts from it (I’m not entirely sure if it can be heard on the soundcloud upload) but you can thank one of my temporary roommates for that. Also I really do want to thank (since I know they will see this) Jordy and Max for introducing/teaching me beatboxing.

Also please listen with headphones. I was playing with some psycho-acoustics ideas so it is designed for headphones. I am not sure but I feel like soundcloud stripped out/lessened some of the effects (I guess they think it is noise or artifacts of bad recording?) so if you would like to listen to the original file, please msg me!


Out of the waters and into the sudden deep
How does it feel to barely breathe

Outward sky looks so so pale
Compared to these depths so dark, so real

Out of the waters and into the sudden deep
How does it feel to barely breathe

How long do we have ’til we next fall down
How long do we have ’til we fall apart again

Cus once again it will start again
The ladder out of the well has yet another rung to climb to bend
And out of the waters is the depths of another hurricane

Out of the waters and into the sudden deep
How does it feel to barely breathe

Can’t catch your breathe no, not again you think
You try so hard now, but the sky’s not the limit


4 thoughts on “Day 11: Sudden Deep

    1. Thanks! There actually is a consistent rhythm beat somewhere in there (only because the backings have the same pattern and I did make it with the metronome in my ear). I’m not sure if it was because I was doing this late at night, but when I was adding in the beatbox, I think I was adding in beats in a somewhat consistent manner (they look like patterns in garageband…) but I couldn’t quite hear it in relation to everything else. Then I decided that I liked it like that and left it as it was. Not entirely sure, but I feel like the vocals make up for the confusing percussion, which sort of was what I was envisioning: an oddly shaped cave with interesting resonance that kind of throws you off, yet feels like it’s all around you. Hopefully it worked? :/


  1. I don’t think I can take credit for the beatboxing…the only one I claim there is Rosa.

    I like the backing vocals and echoey percussion too, especially once it’s settled down by the end. Your “cave” plus the softness of the percussion is giving me underground stream images.

    I’m not sure I like the sharper soprano solo on top of the soft vocals, though. It wasn’t easy to hear what the solo was singing, so it just became two types of voices kind of at odds with one another.

    …hm, a little better the second time through. Maybe I just wasn’t listening right the first time.

    I think I can see why it would make you feel better: it’s not exactly a happy song, but it is kind of detached, and makes whatever is currently going on seem farther away. (“While you argue it over / I am not waiting / I am not waiting.”)


  2. My favorite parts of this are definitely the backing vocals/percussion. I think it’s a soothing background track but also really…flexible? (As in, I could see it being used for several different songs.)

    I too was bothered by the lack of a strong rhythm but that’s one of the things I guess you just have to go with…


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