Day 8: A Bit of Color

I have decided to draw again. On purpose I left all my sketchbooks and most of my pencils at home, so that I will finally try drawing with my not-so-new tablet. I have used tablets maybe two or three times before this, but this is the first time using my own. Well I might have plugged it in once or twice before today and then promptly giving up because drawing with pen/pencil and paper would just be so much easier. After about an hour of messing around, current conclusions are 1. however great the sensors are it still just can’t beat the feeling of the actual tool (pen, pencil, brush) in your hand, 2. I love that I can layer and erase/color/draw over the same canvas without having to worry about the paper tearing through.

Still trying to figure out the brushes so this drawing derived more from me trying out more brushes than artistic motivations. Started with random stuff that made me think, huh, that kind of looks like hair, but here is the result!



2 thoughts on “Day 8: A Bit of Color

  1. It’s an interesting face. Both the expression (a bit pouty) and the general face shape, which is not what I think of as a baseline face shape. (For example, to me, it doesn’t look like the face shape of anyone I know in the NaCreSoMo group.) Is there a reason why you decided to draw this woman like this? Has she already found a concrete character?

    I like the background as well—it kind of reminds me of when people use hànzì (kanji) as a backdrop. I also like the swipe of grey that looks like a person in a cloak (beneath her right eye), though I couldn’t say whether that was intentional.

    (I used to find images in the swirls of marble in the shower in my childhood home, so interpreting random brush strokes as people is par for the course for me.)


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