Day 7: View in Case of Unhappiness

I love that NaCreSoMo for me has become as much a thing to challenge myself as it has become that which to be inspired by. Earlier I commented on Robert post for today that perhaps as a precursor to poor times, we should take a picture or some momento of the good times and put them in a box to “View in Case Life Brings You Down”. So I have decided to upload/process/share a few photos. For those of you bugging me about photos taken over winter break, yes that means they have now made the journey from the SD card to my computer.

Really I would just put all the pictures taken of friends, etc here, but as I am still uncomfortable with sharing photos of people who I know personally (yet I am ok with sharing photos of strangers?) I am going to be mostly using just the ones of non-familial-people. Thus photos to view in case of unhappiness (taken this past winter)!

When the world starts tumbling down

Stand tall above the waves


See things from a different angle

Friends to be

And friends to keep

And all the wonders of the world to share

And to create!


3 thoughts on “Day 7: View in Case of Unhappiness

  1. Is that chocolate up there? Where did you find that? And also, what’s the story behind the rubber ducks?

    It occurs to me that there could be a story behind any of these…short story prompt?


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