Day 4: Conversations Without Name

This morning, I had a very interesting conversation with a lady I met while waiting for the bus. Per the usual in Berkeley, the busy was late and per my usual, I was a bit of a grumbly leave-me-alone-it’s-too-early-but-really it was not.

It began with a friendly question about the buses, to which I answered brusquely and immediately thereafter felt guilty. A voice in my mind asking myself, don’t you usually like meeting people? Why are you being so antisocial? Do you want to be that person who just sits in a corner with their phone as their only companion. And you know you’re acting grumpy, right?

So I apologized for being all grumpy in the morning and she being wonderfully open and friendly continued the verbal exchange rather than pulling out a phone to while away the waiting time. Opening both of us to a conversation that lasted the wait, to the bus, and on until she got off at her stop. We discussed the future and importance of science, the plight and hopes of today’s young folks, possibility of the return of the gold standard, astrological predictions for the next two years of my life, the infinity symbol of energy exchange, creativity including this project in particular.

It was not until she stepped off the bus that I realized I never caught her name. And I never gave her mine. Yet I know she is a Cal graduate, retired psychotherapist, avid astrologer interested in physics. I know that she likes learning what kids study these days and that it is too bad that anti-aging medical technologies are not in time for today’s reality. She knows that I play piano, flute, and sing. That I work in science and engineering, but have loved and found my dwelling place among art and music nearly my entire life. She tells me this is my 8 year. A year of receiving and reciprocating. Next year is a 9 year, a year of accomplishing, of finishing up. That next year will be the year I produce a cd. And after that, a change, a new beginning, a move in my life as the cycle begins again at 1.

That I will always have the drive and passion to reach my goals. And while I am still skeptical of astrology, I cannot help but think that that timeline strangely fits into the one that I anticipate becoming true. That that description definitely sounds like me. But aren’t I who I am? Does that mean that there are a few hundred if not thousands of people who share my exact birth date that are other versions of me? Wrapped up in all the thoughts desiring to be put to pen and paper (or typed into bits), I realized too late I had no way of referring to her. But what is in a name? And it struck me as interesting that while names were never exchanged, some of the most interesting conversations I have had with strangers met only in passing have been ones where I never knew their names.

Onto creativity, my creative thing for today is actually something for all of you fellow participants. Per usual, I am still in the process of making it, let the following be a teaser of sorts.

N Sketch

But actually, I made a facebook page for this project to help us keep one another on track and informational tidbits such as, oh hey look, we have new participants! And daily compilations of that day’s posts from everyone, etc? I know that in a way this project is my creative child, but it has already evolved past what I expected it to be. I know it has only been a few days, but I have already been so impressed with the quality of posts, comments, critiques, and creativity in general! It has honestly been inspirational and I am excited (so far) every day to come home and make my NaCreSoMo entry and check up on everyone else’s progress. For example, I started doodling today, which led to the above because of Robert’s drawing from his first post.

I really want this to be a good experience for everyone, so if there is anything that you think could make this experience better, let me know!

And the facebook page is obviously:
Anyone know why facebook insists on adding the string of numbers at the end?


3 thoughts on “Day 4: Conversations Without Name

  1. That conversation would never have taken place with me. I am antisocial to a T with strangers in like situations (bus stops, waiting in line, etc. etc.). I don’t want to know their stories, I don’t want them to know mine. But I am glad that you got something valuable from the exchange!


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