Day 3: Drawn to Scale as Pitch Perfect

I made this. It took a really long time. First major photoshop project in… year(s)?


What I mentioned/Wilson spilled *ahem, to some people. Sorry we could not include everyone, though we wanted to. We decided (we being those who watched Pitch Perfect again last night) to have it be everyone who was at our ICCA 2013 set. Origin was we were watching the movie and going, OMG that is totally <insert name here>!!

Love my DtS family! πŸ˜€

Link to the full size here, where you can download!


11 thoughts on “Day 3: Drawn to Scale as Pitch Perfect

  1. HAHAHA this is so good! (Especially Yee Jie and Richard!)

    Great job on the cutout of your group in the middle; it’s pretty clean.

    I’d be careful on the font location though. It’s hard to tell which names go with which characters sometimes. (Good font matching though!)


    1. Noted! Will keep in mind for version 2. Honestly I posted this version mostly because people wanted it and I was spending way too much time on it and needed to post something for NaCreSoMo.


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