March National Create Something Month (NaCreSoMo)

Ok, so it’s not national, but is there a point to aiming small?
(Edit: Actually it ended up so.)

What is NaCreSoMo? Well a year or two ago, a friend of mine, Jediknil let’s call him, had a March poetry writing challenge, because I had been too busy the month of November to do NaNoWriMo and for a month we both wrote one poem a day and gave each other feedback on said piece of writing. And for a month I was writing everyday, trying new things, and practicing my craft. Now looking back at the past two years, I have written… such few things. Quite sad, really.

These past few days I have been headbanging on a song that will not quite form even though I so want it to. I have also on and off been trying to finish up a post here and actually post something and the thought re-occurred to me, wouldn’t it be great to motivate myself via a challenge? To get feedback and hold myself accountable for not giving up and allowing others to see what I am making. But I am not writing a novel right now or focusing on poetry, but isn’t it all still just creating?

Thus I propose the formation of NaCreSoMo! A month of writing, creating, whatever it is that you do. The rules are:

1. Post something every day. Don’t have a blog, twitter, tumblr, etc? Make one!

2. Your work does not have to be complete, does not have to be the product itself. For example if your project is to write and perform a song, perhaps your post can be about the creative process or your encounter with going to an open mic night, etc. Point is everyday you are doing something and holding yourself accountable for furthering your craft.

3. Your creative project can be anything!

4. Every day you must give feedback on at least one other participant in this challenge. If the pool does not get too big, by the end of each week have given feedback on all participants in this challenge. Reason for this? Honestly it does not take that long to do something like this, it is helpful for everyone to get feedback, it holds us all accountable, and it can be inspirational.

5. You can join at any time!

If there are any participants (other than me) I will post their channel, blog, tumblr, deviantart, etc, here:

I made a link instead! Please use the above to keep track of one another. If you wish to join and don’t know me in person, please either message me on facebook, have the person who knows me who knows you give you my email/number/facebook, or leave a comment below.

Also I was wrong, I had forgotten that my amazing writer-y friends have been dispersed around the US, well actually just transplanted to the other coast (anyone in the middle states?) and that like me, it is incredibly hard to turn down challenges, so yay! It’s a national challenge!


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