In less than the last 24 hours, I have condensed five weeks of macromolecule synthesis into seventeen pages. This is how studying for chem/bio should be like. This is what I am capable of. And I haven’t been able to do this for ages now. I haven’t had good study notes for any of my bio/chem classes for the last few semesters. The last good one was second semester of organic chemistry. I suppose it is good that this finally kicked in again, but really my life would have been made so much easier if I had been able to do this from the start of the semester.

Cannot wait for next semester. My schedule ends on several days before 1PM and that is with no 8AMs. Granted I am on the waitlist for two classes, but there are backup plans. One of the nice thing about being a physics major taking upper divisions is that you pretty much never have to worry about not getting into your classes. First, there is almost always still space in the class anyway. If not, most professors will expand the class to admit everyone off of the waitlist during the first week. Second, even if both are not true, usually somewhere between 10-20 people drop within the first week or two. Hence most professors have no problem with allowing everyone on the waitlist to enroll if they showed up to the first day/week of class. That has been my experience with my upper division courses so far anyway.


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