Studying Fail


Up-side, I have condensed two weeks of synthesis of macromolecules into six pages. Down-side, there is at least another two weeks worth of un-notated material. Further down-side, I don’t know where the equivalent pre-exam note-making for the previous two sections have gone. More down-side, I have less than thirty six hours to finish going over all of this material, all of the previous material, all the additional study/we-just-wanted-you-to-know-this-as-well-though-it-wasn’t-covered-in-lecture-and-we-told-you-exam-material-only-comes-from-lecture-but-we-lie, and memorize all of my short-hand notes. Yup, kind of hate bio.

To be fair, this is not entirely bio’s fault. I think I can handle bio fine, if it were not for the fact that I am either staying up working on problem sets or staying up/in lab working on physics experiments/theoretical math such that I have no time to review lecture notes or discussion material on a more regular basis and you know, spent all of my time just on bio. Yeah, I think I could do that just fine.

Oh well, nothing I can do now except get back to vesicle transport mechanics and hope for the best.

… guess what? Biochemists study NPCs.
As in nuclear pore complexes. Gotta know exactly how things get in and out of those pores. *grin*


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