Return of Music Making

My friend the Ghanan is returning! And promises of a new era of jam sessions is in the works. So far, the ensemble is only three-fold: singer/pianist/clarinetist/beat-boxer, singer/guitarist/pianist/trumpeter, singer/pianist/flutist. Should be interesting. I am excited! Now, I just need to get through all these final projects and finals… somehow.

But after this next week is over, comes a break full of making things, machining, and seeing friends of old and new. And included within that is of course music and writing. Here are what I tell myself I wish to accomplish over this break:

Finish an album(‘s-worth) of songs
Perform at a local open mic night venue (this idea still scares me quite a bit)
Edit and make public the writing I did for the last two NaNo’s (first one is nowhere near done and second needs to be edited badly, but I figure this will give me a kick of some sort)
Write a new story (of novel consistency)

The following I have to finish:
Arrangements for Drawn to Scale (awesome new a capella group at Cal)

Build a four-rotor copter!
Build a RFID reader
Re-construct Physics 111 final project (brain-wave controlled toy helicopter) using micro-controllers

Actual work I must accomplish:
(solar car) CAN to screen display
Suspension machining

Other Random things I want to do:
Make another movie/film
Make a happy movie/film 🙂
Photowalk (journalism style) city scenes (main reason I have yet to do this is I am slightly concerned about safety, particularly because I tend to not notice things like my personal well-being when I am trying to get that perfect shot I can see in my head)
Photoshoots (with people, because I have close to none of these sort of shots (excluding candids) in my portfolio)
Actually showing people some of these photos… there have been some pretty awesome stuff in the last year or two, just sitting around…
Another Exploratorium trip! (Tactile Dome of course a must)
Something random?

More things that should be happening. Two ski/snow-falling-outside-cabin trips being independently planned by different friend groups. Philosophy club reunions! Philosophizing and music-making! I’ve know these kids for… over six years now? We are all immensely musically talented (yes, I am including myself, almost all of us compose and/or arrange and are adept on at least one instrument. I have no idea why we have not done this sort of thing before.


Just had two fairly successful meetings. Arrangement workshop last night, MUN crisis team meeting this morning. Now for twenty four hours of cramming (and final lab report making). ><


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