I forgot my wish.


Tearing a page off, off of the inside
Off of the deserted train, step-wise left
Looking for some sort of contact

The ticket stubs inserts at the top
conductor walks by, they’re checking for empty spots
Checking for absences, but who checks for the missing?

Missing you, tonight.  The night wind blows cold
By easterly lights in the sky, bye by
Goodbye passerbys

Nothing to see here, it’s all alright
Breathe. Nothing to see here, all alright
Clock strikes passed, delayed reaction

Four ones passed, forgotten wishes
Lay off like letters discarded
Trash, bagged for the takeout, sitting on sidewalks

The cursor, blinks, waits, for inputs, for continuation
Is there more?  More to give?
More, more more, no more?

More, more more, scenes roll by, and
steam would roll off, to the distance, as you chug, chug along
if steam powered engines still rolled along the tracks, that is

That is.  Missing you tonight.  The wind took the pages
ripped from the insides, blank white pages
unmarked, unwritten, missing now

Forgot the wishes, maybe they were on the pages
the not-so-blank pages, but the wind’s got them now
Just missing you now

Goodbye passerbys,
nothing to see here, it’s all right, alright
Right, forgot.


Guess the writing’s back.  *grin*

I told my roommate(s) today.  I am going to write over winter break.  I am going to write a story with the intentions of letting people read it.  And I am going to write.  That is all.


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