Shall there be… writing? (NaNoWriMo ALERT)

a random place of writing two years agoReally, I shouldn’t.  I really really shouldn’t.  But you know what I realized a few days ago?

It is truly ridiculous how little I have been writing this past year.  Really.

It seems the data-logging of my stream of consciousness or perhaps it is the source of the stream itself has become stagnant and quite diminutive in that span.  And that is a consequence that I cannot abide by.  Writing should not be this sporadic.  Should not be this hard.  Writing should be, well, like breathing.  Words rolling off, one into the next, flowering into some sort of coherency… perhaps.  Thus, I shall write!

No idea what exactly my goal should be.  The proposed 50k I do concede to myself, as much as I would like to ‘win’ again, I really should not even consider it to be a goal.  Finish a novel?  My last one was not even a tenth of the way through even over 60k.  A friend proposed a maximum word goal per day.  Not a bad idea perhaps, but also not great as I tend to write in spurts.

Let us just proceed under the assumption that I will be joining my fellow writers or writers-to-be in a month of writing in some potentially-more-strictly-limited-capacity.

For the potential many who do not know me on the nanowrimo website, I go by aurialis, though you can also find me at :

Squirrel who kept me company as I wrote

Now onto the important part: whatever shall I write?

My first attempt (which I did win, word count wise, story yet to be finished) was a sci-
fi/philosophical/discourse on development theory. My second (last year) was a short(-ish) story that might be classified as psychological horror (it did not begin with that intention?), but perhaps it is really too short to tell.

One of my agreements with myself is that I will count side projects within my own word count (a.k.a. writing for non-school-related projects that need to get done but cannot be ‘the novel’).  Thus under this, movie/video scripts for winter break filming projects can and will be allowed, as additional motivation to myself to do them (since I expect none of them to reach novel-length proportions).  However there will be one and one novel only.  So ideas!
(* are storylines that have been in my storybank for some time/years now)

The Babylon Complex: sci-fi/historical recreation/psychological*
– new kid in a town that specializes in historical recreation, except what is the ‘real’ reality when everyone works in making believe in make believe?  Historical recreation will either be the Salem Witch Trials or more likely a variant of it.

Untitled: fantasy/sci-fi/adventure*
– girl discovers a chest containing texts on the study of magic, books that were meant for her.  There are many worlds parallel to this one and those of the arts are able to slide between them, living multiple lives at the same time if they so wish.  (Sorry kind of stereotypical, but nevertheless…) There are shadows at work, worlds are dissolving, their time-link with the others going out of sync.

Children of War:  sci-fi/adventure*

Dreamwalkers: sci-fi/psychological/adventure*

– something based more in… this reality
– something about dragons!
– observing existence and absence
– a story of quarks and pions
– a story about love and romance(?)
– Ophiocus
– not sleeping… 😛

Not sure if I deserve my stories (old storylines*) right now.  I was reading over some of my old writing and I miss writing like that.  Perhaps it will all just come back with a bit of practice and setting my mind right.

To another year of writing!  Who’s with me‽

My 2008 NaNoWriMo!


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