Fishing from Afar


That is the order of magnitude of the number of photographs I have on my hard drive. Not even of all the photos I have taken. Just the ones that have made it to this current hard drive. So mostly just the photos that have been taken in the last three years or so.

Hence I have decided to do something about them. It would be ridiculous to try to put them all up or even try to make chronological order, so guess whim will be the order of the day, or week, or month.

First things first..
Today’s topic: koi!

Reason being? There was a book club meeting with a group put together by my very readerly roommate and afterwards Diane Duane’s Young Wizardry series came up. Which made me think of the koi pond and the magical sarcastic koi who speak in haikus, often to the bewilderment of the listener.

Leading me to think of this photo.

First Catch

A more recent photo actually. I took it this summer at a night market in Taiwan. For those of you unfamiliar with Taiwanese night markets, they are basically like a mini outdoor festival with game booths, guest performances, and food vendors, mostly food vendors, that spring up over certain streets or larger areas every night. One of the usual activities that are available at night markets is the scoop-as-many-goldfish-as-you-can-before-your-net-breaks game.

I remember I had two from this. Too bad they both died when I was very young. I can’t remember if I caught them or if my dad got them for me. I do remember failing. The net is made out of paper, so the longer it takes, the more likely the fishy will get away.

Now some koi from the past!

Shades of Life

This one was taken in the Summer of 2007 when I went on a trip to China with my mother. According to my filing system at the time it was at the summer palace by Lake Kunming. But I honestly can’t remember (the name of) the location anymore.

That is all the koi picture I have now… so to end here is a photo of a black swan in a koi pond!

I hadn’t believed they existed before this either.  Oh, and I suppose I should mention that the last and first photo were both taken in the garden behind the Taiwan National Art Museum.


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