I awoke to no sound
Each layer peeled away
As if new born
Nothing but sleep
The time of before
This waking
This slumber, till
Next realization
Next waking
To no sound, here
No one to know
If I awoke at all


One thought on “Waking

  1. Two “waking”s in a row?

    I will slide my Newspaper Blackout Poems up to later, when I get my Sharpie back from a friend and can black them out properly.

    Instead, the scientific villanelle!

    A color between red and green.
    What word should we use to call
    Perhaps a color never seen?

    For decades it has always been
    Red, green, blue — that’s all
    No color between red and green.

    But what could one more chromatid mean?
    Would other colors start to pall
    Against a color never seen?

    Now think of vision no less keen
    but in one way destined to crawl
    No difference between red and green.

    How does this fact change the scene,
    with a biometaphoric wall
    blocking a color never seen?

    Is it a plague we need to clean?
    Or a standard we enforce—what gall!—
    that a color between red and green
    is no color, never seen.


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