stupid auto-re-formatting. ┬áThe original spacing looked better… *sigh*

oops, and the cursor. oh well, might do a replacement later. At least I did not lose it completely.


One thought on “Puffer

  1. Every now and then, when I
    have nothing else to do
    I’ll look upon my high school work
    and see what I went through.

    A write-up here, a poem there,
    a set of videos
    Which mean the most, when life is host
    to a heap of demands, which grows.

    It’s the essays, though, that just stand out
    Don’t do that anymore
    Have I lost the skill, indeed the will
    at weaving such a score?

    For once I mocked romanticists,
    gave Robinson a sting,
    Connected up with Ellison,
    created this new thing.

    Torn between demands of time and
    “do what feels right”.
    A writer once, a writer still
    if only I could write.


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