Let’s go!  As a ball, red and
white falls to the ground
Common grounds
in this land of ever-
shifting sands
of time, hands
falling, us, changing


3 thoughts on “Mew

  1. Yours or mine? In reference to the late at night.

    Mine probably was written late at night as that tends to be when I actually work on things.

    This is probably one of my favorites, the key is that the title Mew refers to several things.
    1. Mew from Pokemon? Hence the red and white ball, the let’s go!
    (I thought that would have been the easy one)
    2. definition #1: high-pitched crying noise made by a cat or bird
    3. definition #2: a cage or building for trained hawks, esp. while they are molting
    4. definition #3: molt
    >> signifying outcry, change, in particular pertaining to falconry

    Of course, that in itself is yet another layer to what I truly meant to express in this piece, but that I am not going to just divulge so easily. There are a few more leaps and connections to be made. But you should have all of the pieces to see that picture now.


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