Self-induced amnesia, from
head banging, such
warm fuzzy feeling, like
floating in new-born’s trough
sensation limited, senses,
degree of freedom = 1

I have two friends.  Two pregnancies.  One who gave birth and one who plans to have an abortion.  One life brought into existence, another planned for extinction.

Not pro-life, always pro-choice, because a life without choices is no life at all.   But if it somehow was me… what would I choose?  What would I do?

Though I would not deny another the ability or the right to make that choice for themselves, but I am avoiding the question.  All that means is that they must find their own answer to this ethical quandary.  All that is saying is that I do not feel that I have the right to impose my personal ethics upon another.  But how would I answer that question myself?


One thought on “Amniotic

  1. If I had to do it all over again…
    I would have aimed a little lower
    so the bastard would suffer.

    -_- That looks really bad against your poem and topic. Sorry…

    I’ve wondered about abortion lately too, specifically about drawing lines. It’s hard.


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