Thm: there is but a fine line between genius and insanity
Corrollary: all smart people are insane, but to differing degrees
Let people = Σ(g(person_i)), i = 0 to ∞
Let N = Σ(person_i), i = 0 to ∞
For N >>> 1
Let Norm ~= <people>
genius ~= αdiv(Norm)
insanity ~= βdiv(Norm)
genius ∝ insanity
X_i = person_i’s position
P_i = person_i’s momentum
Assume that all space approximated by spherical coordinates of:
φ = 0 to π, θ = 0 to 2π, r = 0 to ∞
Assuming physical limitations:
X is within all space of the universe as defined spherically above
P_i = m_i*v_i, v <= 3.6E5 km/hr and .599 kg <= m <= 572 kg
(for human beings)
ΣdP_i –> finite
for a Z distribution of Σg(person_i)
person.state() = insane
returns true for some X
insanity is linearly related to genius by a factor of β/α
Span(genius) = Subspace_Span(smart)
thus in all space, there exists some spherical description of a subspace containing Span(insanity), Span(genius), and thus Span(smart)
such that X of such space is defined in degrees within X of all space
for state of person_i, g(person_i) is characterized by dX_i*dP_i>=h_bar/2
thus for some person_i within Span(smart) can be characterized by some degree of insanity

Ok, I freely admit that this proof has holes. And it is not quite mathematically sound. Oh well. 😛

(the original impetus)
you know how people say there’s a fine line between genius/insane?
i think all smart people ARE insane
just in different degrees

I agree
here’s another interpretation
insanity is essentially a divergence from the norm which let’s just associate with average
thus genius must then be a form of insanity

that is actually legit


One thought on “Insanity

  1. Well, it’s creative and a new format, so I guess I have to give this credit.

    Try to figure out the device in this one before looking at the inspiration (a much better version than my clumsy attempt)

    a distant father
    a tired old man
    someone you support
    someone you rely on
    I could be
    more than that
    it’s too hard
    I would never say
    I’ll be there for you
    I love you
    I don’t care
    there are some things I shouldn’t have done
    looking back
    wish I could reverse time
    I didn’t
    understand my life

    Inspired by “Lost Generation” (, itself inspired by Lopez Murphy’s political ad (


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