Sound Check

Sound check.  1.  2.  3.

Volume adjust.  Add filter(s).

‘Til it settles down.  ‘Til you can hear yourself.  In the fray, still be yourself.  Not caught up in the mess of everyone else.  No bandwagon for you.

Be your own person, that is what they say.  Think for yourself.

Noise control.  Filtered chaos.  Simplify.

Recurse.  Until you get to the base case.  Until you have an array of one, index of zero.

Until you are alone, even in a crowd.  Being yourself.

Floating in amniotic fluid, suspended from the noise, the dirtiness that comes of contacting the outside.  Ignore the noise.

Disassociation.  So that the judgements of others do not override your own.

Sound check.  1.  2.  3.

Can you hear me?  Check.  Check check.


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